Bird In A Cage




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Bird In A Cage
4th Work "呼声ヒューズボックス // Call Fusebox"

1.レオナルド・フィボナッチ // 2.アウトサイダー-4月6日- // 3.私も一緒 // 4.薄紅色の変奏曲 pt.3 生き物に住む生き物 // 5.薄紅色の変奏曲 pt.4 技術は無罪 // 6.ノーマル // 7.アウトサイダー-数週後- // 8.例えられない



The fourth recorded work in history. About 6 years have passed since the previous work, and we learned how to operate the brakes with this work. Intentional braking in addition to acceleration and natural deceleration, engine braking. Operation to hold down. And a prototype of a new recording environment. Work to boil down the finish by having multiple sessions in the tension of "COVID-19 calamity". Simultaneous progress of post production and new track recording. There was almost no work that was carried out vigorously in a short period of time, and it took shape slowly. A work that includes some short peaces.

The CD package comes with liner notes of about 10,000 characters (in japanese) by Junkie Nishikoori (ex. POSTOVOI).

SIZE: W150 × D130 × H12 (mm)
WEIGHT:  100 (g)